Suggestion to improve Alliance Defense Mission

Besides the obvious ( change the Mission Rewards) change , I have a suggestion to improve Alliance’s completion of their Defense Missions. The suggestion is : Make all Strike Events contain at least 3 steps. This is a typical week and there are 16 Strike Events. Eleven Events are 1 step Events and 5 Events require more than one step. If all Strike Events contained at least three steps, it would increase the number of battles done, the number of takedowns performed, and the number of incubators opened.. The only negative factor is that the Ludia programmers would have more work to do.


Thanks for the suggestion, @BigKinR!

This 10 step ones a while back were nice with 2 or 3 incubators.

Just working on incubators this week.

Anyone looking for a new alliance? We have 1 member that hasn’t played since the trophy reset.