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Suggestion to increase tournament participation

Ever since the tournaments increased in entry price, let’s be real - participation has gone down, and they kinda suck unless you have hours of time to dedicate. Even then, if RNG isn’t on your side, you could theoretically win 50 battles and still only end up in the top 10k (by losing the same amount).

Why not have an additional reward for battling - like a small amount of dino DNA given to you depending on how many battles you do? Heck, why not introduce dinos that can only be found through this method? Other games have a similar approach and it’s really boosted the participants since adding it (and the amount of in-game currency used by players who want to win the side prizes). It doesn’t create imbalance, but it does boost participants. Losing 50 battles is irrelevant if you gain something decent from that time.


Fight 10 times - x common DNA
Fight 25 times - x rare DNA
Fight 50 times - x epic DNA
Fight 100 times - x exclusive dino DNA



Great idea. Unfortunately Ludia don’t do great ideas though, only badly thought out money grabbing ideas :thinking:

First, they need to change their cheap servers. And seriously. Otherwise, we will be getting some “Connection Issues” problem right in the middle of a battle.