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Suggestion to tackle All-in-one boosting problem

We have all been there - facing one specific super boosted creature and lost even before the game begins. In this instance, there is no strategy whatsoever in the game-play. It is, in essence, ANTI-GAME.

While we know that, if these super-boosted monster weren’t chosen, usually the other creatures in the team would suffer. However, by no means this kind of matches provide good quality strategic game play for any players involved. Thus, super boosted creatures is just not ideal in this game play environment.

Hence, I suggest the following :

  1. Before any game begins, the game will now choose 5 creatures from each player’s team instead of 4.

  2. Both players will be provided certain time to examine the details of the 5 creatures chosen from their opponent, that include creatures’ level and boost distribution. Creatures’ identity could be hidden or not, depends on if we want to retain this feature in the game.

  3. Then, Both players can choose 1 opponent’s creature which will NOT be selected for the coming battle. If the player fails to select one in the time given, the game will choose 1 for them randomly.

  4. Battle begins normally.

With this pre-selection system, players have more control in which creatures they will have to fight. If we decide that the creatures’ identity will be revealed during this process, it can also deepen the strategic aspect as we can pick out creature that is most threatening to our own team.


Absolutely no.


Do you mean you prefer “games” that are decided by having specific 1 creature or not ?

Absolutely not. I don’t want to reveal my team before any Battle.


Hmm, interesting idea. :smiley:

I’m not sure about letting my opponent see my entire team though. :sweat_smile:


I included it in the suggestion. If we don’t like our team to be seen, only stats (level) and boosts condition will be revealed.

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I don’t want anything of my Dinos to be revealed before the Battle. The opponent should only see when it’s drawn in the field.

That’s a no from me, dog.


Everyone would just select the most powerful dino of their opponent.
This would be a complete wash endgame and you would already know if you won or lost by the hands displayed. Meanwhile if you get matched by an unboosted opponent that this fix is supposed to be a crutch for, they still have to deal with the other 4 max boosted dinos. You gotta think about what this game will look like down the road.

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Eh it’s a no from me.

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Yes it works wonders, If both can see the eigth dinos in each team and choose 4, then its a matter of strategy and good planing instead of half luck

Interesting idea but it’s a no from me too.

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Nope too much work. Very bad idea and would cause the player base to implode on itself. Granted yes my Thor is heavily boosted, however the rest of my team whether they are moderately boosted or unboosted are able to fend for themselves.

Not only do I think secrecy & surprises are important to combat playing, and not only am I afraid this will cause no end of frustration to people who work very hard to get Magnas up to flagship material and make it more difficult to counter certain aspects (ex: I’ll just fill my team with speedsters and ban the Tryko), but I also think superboosting one dino is a strategic move.

Tactics are the little details used in the battlefield, but strategy is the “big picture” of the play that encompasses everything. Strategy, in warfare and any good complex strategic game, is your pre-skirmish preparation that influences your gameplay tactics. In Starcraft, Magic the Gathering, or so many other games, strategy and pre-game prep trumps tactics. The better deck wins. The larger army with the right units for the job wins. Building either one of those takes a mind, not just money.

The alternative to super-boosting one dino is to boost a variety of dinos based on their needs. You know what I think is more effective than a super-boosted G2 Indo? A G2 Indo with super HP, an Erlidom with super damage, and a Magna that outpaces everything. Not only is super-boosting only one dino a strategic move, but in my opinion, it is in most cases a poor one. If the player who beat you only used one crazy-powerful lightning-fast Thor and all the others were twigs from a grape vine, I’ll bet that player would’ve crushed you harder with better boosting methods.

Some dinos are good at hunting single supermonsters. Erlidom’s got high speed and a cloaked rampage. Thylacotator, Carnotarkus, and Dracoceratops still cause harm no matter how large the target is. Bloody battle though it still may be, having one superdino is not a one-size-fits-all I-Win card.

Unless you’re up against G2 Indoraptor. In that case, I cannot help you.

While I wouldnt want an opponent being able to take away my top dinosaur (lets face it thats what they would always do), I have always thought that you should be able to see their team at all times, because then it adds another level of tactics, as the mind games can come into play.

Example, the enemy has the following team -

Your team -

Now you can see they have a Magna on their team and you can send out something to counter the Magna is you have it…ahhh but here’s the thing, what if they DONT go for their best dinosaur? and bring out a counter, to what counters Magna, outplaying you in the mind game, you would now have to come up with a tactic on the fly to save things!

So yeah im all for knowing the enemy team (and them knowing yours), because if you can beat them even when they know all your tricks, THAT is impressive and makes a winner!


Aaaaaannnddddd…still no. This is a horrible idea. Don’t science f it. If people knew what Hand the other person has, that’s gonna kill the game. You thought boosts were bad? the element of surprise is what is fun about the arena. I don’t understand why anyone thinks this could be a good idea. NOT knowing each others team is more of a mind game than knowing

So you would much rather deprive yourself or your opponent battles to help with their alliance? All for the sake of being knit picky because you do not like the hand being dealt. Yeah let’s not dwindle the numbers of players anymore. This would piss off and frustrate people. It would be too much time wasted. So epic vast fields of nope in a galaxy of multiple nope-iverse through the cosmos of nope.

I think everyone has their own favourite creature and that is understandable. The idea is that this would encourage player to expand their possible pool of creature in their team as well as making a more balance team, which is objectively more healthy to the game.

There are many non-meta creatures that are just non-meta because they are not that popular ; and vice-versa : some creatures are not top notch but still being used a lot, only because many people like it. Furthermore, since those popular creatures are used more, they are more often getting attention in balance changes and suggestions while the others not.

Many people have complained about they are facing the same creatures over and over again, or facing an superboosted creature etc and yet many of them are also contributing to this phenomenon while unwilling to make a change themselves. If we truly want the game to become better for everyone else, we have to think for the game but not only for ourselves.