Suggestion to to allosinosaurus


weak defense, low speed. 3 kinds of strike, none of them can bite through the protection shield. making such a strong creature very easily be killed by fast creatures as well as those with shield.

i am wondering if the 1*damage, bypassing armour, could be changed to defense shattering strike. that would make it a much popular dino…


I love my Allosinosaurus! It usually takes 3 strikes to kill her so my play goes:
1st turn: armor piercing impact
2nd turn: armor piercing rampage
3rd turn (when shes got a little life left in her but not enough to take another shot) : instant charge.
She dies, taking one for the team and by then shes usually killed or severely injured the other dino.


Allosinosaurus needs instantcripple


please add one or two of the followings: counter attack, shield, instant cripple, defense shattering strike, immunity

also make the speed 108…it is really slow @106

I just dumped it…