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Suggestion when posting videos (strike events)


May I suggest that when somebody is posting a strike event video, they also write down in the comments, the name of the dinosaurs used in the last step of the strike event??? Or maybe at least your rank/trophee count?

Videos may be great, but watching a guy using a level 25 indoraptor, Spinotasuchus or Utarinex when you’re not even close to get one of those marvel in your team is pretty much useless and it’s time consuming for absolutely nothing. Yes, you’re proud you did it, and yes, you will help others who are at your level, but not everybody for sure.

If you post your video with your dinosaurs used in your last step like:

Last step with Spinatosuchus (25), Ankylodon (18), Gryposuchus (17) and Utahraptor (18)
Last step with Ankylosaurus (15), Velociraptop (20), Gorgosaurus (16) and Tragoditis (15)

Or simply: Currently 3399 (or 4949, or even 5102)

Then, we can quickly see if we should watch the video (it’s easy to guess if our dinosaurs are close to the ones used in the video). And even if we do not have the same dinosaurs, at least we will get some great pointers.

Yes, I know that for now, you can simply start the video, then try to find the dinosaur selection, but often, there’s a lot of talking, bad editing, etc, etc, just to find out that whoever posted the video is using dinosaurs owned only by the top 500 players.


i post my vids for everyone to watch. my dinos are lvl 25ish and up for future reference.


With or without lv 15++ For new player ?
But epic strike “Fierce creature” sure got higher difficulty than other event strike
Im myself Always fail when 3rd step :speak_no_evil:


That’s why I used to try to make tower with lower level Dino when I can, but remember as we can’t delevel our dinos, once we level up one we can’t post the video with a lower level.
I would love to pick the Dino level prior to a strike tower (with level less or equal to the one you own).
Anyway thanks for the feedback


I aim for mid-levels most of the time: 16-21
Stuff that I feel most players in the 4000+/- range should have. Some dinos I have may be better choices than the ones I’ve chosen for the tower but if they’re “over leveled” I try to avoid them for that reason.

It’s still good value to watch tower gameplay vids from people who have stronger dinos just to see if there’s a trend in how the AI behaves. As you noted, feel free to click the vid and you’ll find out who’s in their squad right away (I try not to waste time and just cut to the chase :sweat_smile:)


Can you post a link @Pateradactyl?


i dont really have a channel that i put out there. just been playing around with video and music etc… kind of fun.

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