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Suggestionks VIP subscription 🤷

First of all let me say that I :heart: the game so far.

I like the fact that there aren’t any commercial breaks during game play. There’s only to one’s to get extra :gem: or allowing for more swiping.

One thing I find a bit frustrating tho is fact that’s some times you have to spend :gem: to choice an answer during the conversations. I have full understanding for the pictures beeing blured, because you gonna have to make some :dollar:.

And now for the suggestion, I think that a reasonable priced subscription could be a good idea.

As a subscriber you would get these benefits.

  1. Not have to pay for choosing different answers/conversation route’s which would otherwise be looked behind a paywall of :gem:.

  2. You would get the double amount of :gem: from the daily rewards.

  3. You would get a amount of :gem: at the start of each subscription period + a bonus amount for staying subscribed after the first period.

  4. Store exclusive deals for example half price on let’s say 550 :gem: that can be used every second week or something.

What a subscription should cost is of course up to you, but not a crazy high amount I hope. I would be ready to pay 5-8 dollars maybe more depending what you get in the subscription :wink:

However you are the gamedevelopers, If you now read this :thinking:. You should have a good idea how a subscription should look like and what should work for the goals you have for this game.

And for fellow players would you like to see something like a subscription or is it that only me :yum:


I think that an amazing idea but can it only be a one time payment that would be efficient cause I don’t want to have to not get it a monthly thing

I personally like the idea! I wouldn’t mind spending for a subscription over having to buy diamonds every single time. Maybe it could also have additional contents or image arts as an incentive? It would also be cool to have holiday related chats or something.

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I would be totally in for this!!

The characters are charming and I want more! But it’s getting frustrating the amount of gems needed to everything.
It felt like the game was a short free demo and then you had to spend like a LOT of money to keep playing. I totally understand having to pay to play, or/and for extras, I really do, I just think it’s not well balanced. Again, it’s just my opinion.
Paying a bit every month would be relaxing and a more enjoyable experience.
I hope it gets there someday!

This is a great idea. I have wound up putting more into this than I wanted and it is putting me off from the game due to how slow play is with .