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Suggestions about boosts

The idea of having boosts to further upgrade your dinosaurs beyond their limit is a great idea, but the current implementations have its problems, especially with the speed boosts. If Ludia determines to keep the boosts, the boost system definitely needs rework. I’ll list some reasons that the current speed boost is influencing the arena in a negative way:

  1. This is a turn based game, being faster is extremely beneficial. To compensate this, faster dinosaurs like green chicken or erlidom are made fragile and have much lower health but yet they are still really strong. One example would be if you use green chicken and the opponent uses a thoradolosaur. If your green chicken has 0 boosts and the opponent has maxed boosts in health and damage, you can still manage to win this match if the opponent thor fails to crit and you land your stuns on T2. On the other hand, if your opponent’s thor has 0 boosts on health and damage, but managed to be faster than you, you are dead no matter what.

  2. The values of speed boosts is incredibly high. If you have a tenotorex or thoradolosaur and boost it to tier 5, it will have 166 speed. A boosted dliorach at tier 4 only has 165 speed.

  3. People might be wondering: you can do the same to your green chicken and outspeed thor again, what’s the issue? Let’s assume there are no speed boosts and I have a 109 speed chomper and you have elidom, rinex, and dliorach to counter my chomper, so you have 3 counters and it’s easy to draw one of them in your line up at the start of the match. Now if speed boosts come and I upgrade my chomper to tier 5 with 166 speed, what you have to do is to upgrade all of your 3 counters to speed tier 5 to remain the same advantage and same chance to draw a counter to my chomper.

If the boosts are to stay. I’d strongly recommend lowering the values of speed boosts. In my opinion, a player can use the speed boost on a chomper to break speed ties and out speed other chompers, but a boosted chomper should never outspeed something like a green chicken or spinotasuchus. For example, with each tier, your speed value can only increase by 2.

Another suggestion is a dino can only have one stat that is boosted, either health, attack, speed, and one of the armor or crit chance if they are to be implemented in the future. This would give a dino some specializations in one area, such as having a lot of attack, or high crit chance, or high armor, but still have its weaknesses and can be countered in other ways.