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Suggestions about the timer after using the Dinos


Hey guys you all know that when you going to use 3 Dinos to fight and the last one might not used but it will take time to use the Dino again my idea is how about we change the timer how much depends your Dinos lose health i think it would be great to use the Dinos faster


Yeah, I’ve always felt that it is harsh to have to wait for a creature to re-generate when it has not been used in battle at all. I’d propose that if it has not been used at all, then there is no regeneration involved. I think it would be too difficult to do a percentage based approach based on how much health was left whereas if it was used vs not used is very clear.


I must disagree a little, while I have thought this too. For a real life analogy, I think of it like horse racing. Let’s say you take a horse out but do not ride them in an event. Now you still have the travel and care when you get the horse back to it’s stable. The animal was just stressed a bit from the move and needs recovery time. For the game, the unused dino was fielded, ready to go, but simply not needed in that battle. It makes sense to have a general recovery time associated. Besides, it’s nice to have a preset recharge time, that can be faster with dino bucks. Compared to the alternative like maybe a 2x time penalty for a KO’d dino that was used as a meat shield for it’s high health.


Ikr lets hope they will add this feature there are alot things needs to be added