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Oh where to begin…

I’d love the option to be able to restart my conversations without completely restarting the game and losing the premium choices that I had made during the conversation. I think that would be a great addition to add being that there are some looooooooong waits going on at the moment. Plus, sometimes by the time someone does reappear I don’t always remember much from the conversation- I mean some of these people have been missing for months at this point. Restarting a convo would not only be entertaining but people might be more willing to shell out those diamonds if they aren’t just throwing them into the wind never to be seen again.

Plus if you really decide you like someone it would allow you to bump up those relationships and get those extra scenes/pictures.

Oh. And why don’t the free pictures save to the gallery?? That’s lame. Scrolling back to see them isn’t a logical option. I don’t see why they can’t easily be added to the gallery.

I’d also like to be able to personalize my avatar and have a gallery of pictures that I could send to my matches. It’d make things more realistic and entertaining to be able to send a sneaky pic every so often. Even if you have to pick from the same selfies or whatever at least it would help to make the conversations less one sided at times.

:slight_smile: just my two cents for now!