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Suggestions for 2.7

Crafty strike is a cunning type move so it should be cunning fierce

And why does sphenacodon have distract immunity when it’s a fierce?!?!
It’s gonna trample over any cunningbthat is supposed to beat it!!,
And sphenacodon is waay to fast for a fierce just like the fact that it has distract immunity it makes 0 sense just like what you said about the arthropleura i suggested a few months ago
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I fixed your very op absolutely utter nonsense sphenacodon.

plus 10% taunt resistance is basically useless

here is my suggestionsdownload (32) download (26) download (6) download (63) download (62) download (61) download (34)

Primal Stunning Impact needs a cool down and a Delay. Right now that is downright broken. With Troodonynchus, change wounding counter to venomous/minor counter, as that helps it beat what is supposed to beat it. Deinosuchus needs a major nerf. You can possibly kill a creature in one turn with death roll and rending counter. I would say remove the vulnerability add on with the death roll, have it rend 40% but add on swap prevention or bleed. Also remove the rending counter attack.

Deinosuchus is meant to destroy health tanks like diplodocus that is why it has the rending counter attack and death roll

So i’ll just leave deinosuchus alone

Change the crit chance to 50% or below, 100% is too OP!

what do you mean by 100% crit?

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And here is the reworks you happy

it’s meant to destroy health tanks so it’s fine
Plus a basic cunning like utahraptor take it out in 3 turns so it’s not op

If you change it to 50% it will to still be strong enough to take out tanks and still be balanced

(Everything else on it is fine, just the crit chance on Death Roll needs to be nerfed, 100% chance to increase critical hit chance by 50% would be fine)

not sure its fine since it seems a bit op

If it has easily accesible counters then it’s not op even if 8t’s stat and moveset is better than average

Crafty strike is more wild card than cunning. It does remove damage and crit boosts, which is cunning. But it also bypasses armor (fierce) and dodge (resilient). Expose Weak Spot also inflicts vulnerable, which is resilient. So Guanlong seems to actually be mostly resilient, at least in terms of its moves. But I could see it being called a wild card. It’s stats seem to match the cunning archetype the most, but I don’t put too much stock in stats when deciding classes. Ironically though, the class it pulls the least from is actually fierce, which is what @Dinosaur_attack classifies it as.

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But what about the 10% taunt resistance qhich is useless

Like you said, it’s useless. In fact, it’s worse than useless, since you don’t know who you’re targeting (unlike at 0% where you always target the taunter, or 100% where you always target the moves intended target). So I didn’t really factor that in. Plus, 10% is so small that it doesn’t really fall under any class.

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yup either @Dinosaur_attack needs to increase the taunt resistance or remove it entirely

More importantly, ludia needs to do that for Ardontosaurus and Geminititan, since those two are actually in the game :sweat_smile:

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what’s the deal with ardonto and gemini?