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Suggestions for 2.7

They have 75% and 67% taunt resistance, which is worse than useless (and worse than 0% taunt resistance) for the same reason I described above. In fact, they’re probably worse than having 10% resistance. At least with 10% resistance, even if you can’t know for sure which dino you’ll be targeting, you’ll still target the taunter 90% of the time. 75% and 67% are much closer to a 50/50 chance of either targeting the taunter or the move’s original target, so you’ll be able to accurately predict which dino your moves will hit even less often.


The troodon hybrid and super hybrid should not really have venomous counter because it is not a snake creature or a dilophosaurus creature so remove it or switch the counter

Maybe switch it to raking counter @dan1209

But in jp canon troodon have venom.

Troodon can’t have venom yes the name means wounding tooth but it can’t have venom because that what scientist say @dan1209

remember it’s jurassic park canon not irl