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Suggestions for 2.8 update

Although Ludia never invited views for next update, but let’s see what we players think this game should be like after investing 3 years time and may be money.

Continuing the discussion from Suggestions for 2.8 update:

  1. PVPs: Defeated Dino must loose its DNA to winner, and so it may go down from its lvl. This will encourage player to fuse DNA even after Dino is at 30 lvl. If Dino is defeated by its same kind, DNA lost must be max.
  2. Tournaments: tourney rule must change, like only raptors, only Gen 2s, only Birdies, or double like turtles and snakes, etc.
  3. For players at 20 lvl , wasted experience must give cash or gold or booster.
  4. de- fusing Dino can be allowed, to retrieve gold or DNA.

That’s it for now.:smiley:

Losing dna in pvp after all the time and/or money it takes to get it is a hard no from me.

I definitely agree that lvl 20 players should get something from all the useless eco they get from fusing and leveling up dinos. A decent pot of coins maybe. Or a little bit of dna of the creature of choice, giving a lot less dna for rarer categories like uniques.

As for new tournaments, I’m thinking a strategist’s tourney where the dinos are set level and rarity, but you get like 5 or 10 boosts to modify each dino on the team for tournament purposes.