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Suggestions for a better way to purchase dinosaurs from the market

I wish ludia would change how many dinosaurs you can purchase at one time let’s say I need five t-Rex it would be better if I could change how many I purchase from one to five so I could choose to hatch them how I choose I think this would make purchasing from the market better so what does everyone think about this idea @Keith could you please pass this on to the developers


It was never possible to buy more than one dino for your market repository. I would be satisfied if I could buy another one although there is still one waiting to be hatched.
But I am afraid this is an essential part of their game philosophy.

Technically you can buy five at a time you just need to have 4 incubation chambers open to do so ;). I get what you mean though, but like @Tommi said this would go against their way of encouraging you to spend your DB on speed ups.


I know you can buy as many as you want as long as you have a hatchery available and yes this would go against spending DB but maybe they could charge you DB for each additional dinosaur like one hundred for the first extra one and then add a extra hundred per each additional one like two hundred for the second one and so on just a suggestion I know they would never do anything like this it’s just hypothetical

This would have been helpful when they rebalanced the cenos. Haha. I was scrambling to buy and hatch everything.

Many Dino Bucks were burned that day. :upside_down_face:


That is why they will never do it.
I would have bought dozens of Panochthus before the rebalancing took place.

If nothing else maybe they could at least do this for VIP members this would entice players to purchase the vip membership


@Lora_Green I’m with you on this. It would be nice.

It’s one of those things every player wishes at some point.

One other thing that used to get me was how the hatchery pods were unlocked. You pay for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pods. If the 2nd pod is hatched, it would be nice if you could fill that 2nd pod …instead the 3rd and 4th shifting downwards one pod.

I finally have nothing left to hatch buttt I was hatching things in 3s and 4s so that they’d all finish at the same time and save me a few bucks.

I know it’s designed to deplete DinoBucks. It’s just one of those things that I know they won’t change.


@Trexy I agree with you about the hatchery they should be able to make it where the one you empty is the one you put your next dinosaur in. they have the fusion ones fixed that way


I was just thinking about this and how lovely it would be, I was trying to buy a bunch of Gorgosaurus and Yu-T’s, taking advantage of the holiday discounts.

Though unfortunately I must concur that it will likely never happen. But maybe they could have sort of cheat day where you can buy more, such as a holiday event.

A similar idea, I wish there were separate incubation chambers for Jurassic, Cenozoic, and Aquatic. Though @Tommi mentioned the good reason why this would never happen, I think it might actually encourage VIP membership similarly to @Lora_Green suggestion. Encourage more work on Aqua and Ceno lines and make the need for that DNA feel a bit more urgent.

Just a thought but it would be lovely to see even if unlikely.

Well, the “cheat” day is essentially the Hatchery discount, which as we often complain about, is the ONLY discount they provide only once a week… and do at an absurdly early time for many of us in the Western Hemisphere.

I made that suggestion about how when they nerfed the free speedups that a BIG incentive for the VIP could be anything that improves hatchery (in particular) and other speedups. I would guess that the large percentage of players that aren’t already paying for DBs (or hacking the game, etc.) would be far more incentivized to pay for a VIP membership if that meant only 3 days to hatch a tournament creature vs. 7 days. That would be much more of an incentive for me, than free DNA and custom trades that far too often don’t work and which got nerfed in terms of the most useful resource to get.