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Suggestions for a new update

Here are some things that I would have loved to see in the game:

  1. Linking accounts. I live in the constant dread that my progress could be gone any moment. Please add the option to save it.

  2. Confirmation window for spending gems. Considering how high the price for everything is and how little free gems we get, it’s really upsetting when you accidentally spend gems on something you don’t actually want.

  3. More interesting stories for female characters. All the guys have such interesting and memorable stories, meanwhile girls’ stories are so bland in comparison.

  4. Once you match with someone, remove their counterpart from the possible matches list. What’s the point in their profiles constantly appearing if you can no longer match with them?


I like these suggestions a lot, and a huge, ongoing agreement with the diamonds is that there needs to be a better cost vs reward as well where things like emoji reactions that don’t offer additional dialogue or anything don’t cost as much and the amount of free diamonds you can get is increased a bit as well as how many you get if you buy them. Obviously this is a business and considering you can play entirely for free and never watch an ad, there has to be a tradeoff for that, but the balance could be better.

Linking an account to the game to save progress for if you need to un/reinstall it or change devices is something that everyone who I’ve seen comment on that is in unanimous agreement with as well. I hope it’s a feature that will be added.

I would love more female characters in general, but also as you said, more compelling stories for them as some of the male characters have. I know there are and will likely always be more male characters simply because of the targeted player base, who is playing the game, and the characters that generate the most interest and profit. I do still think more female characters with more intricate stories and personality like some of the guys wouldn’t hurt though.

Removing the counterpart characters would not only clean up the pool so you can only see characters that you can match with presently or in the future with, but also help with avoiding some confusion with regards to why people can’t match with them if they’re unaware of how counterparts work. Of course there will always be some confusion with that for players unfamiliar with that system if they wonder why a character stopped appearing for them for instance, but it coukd still help and it would be nice to not have to wait for new profiles only for it to be theirs when the batch of profiles refreshes.

Might as well. I would be more enthusiastic about this one, though, if they could reappear when I unmatch with the counterpart I dislike and trade them for the ones I do. That’s all I really want in my game at the moment. :pleading_face: I have major match remorse from swiping right on some people before realizing I’d miss out on their shinier counterparts. I think it would actually be in the developer’s best interests. I’m not going to spend for pics on Jaden. But Skylar? Maybe.

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Ooh yes definitely being able to match with a counterpart if you unmatch with who you have currently for that storyline. Maybe you would have to swipe right on the counterpart a couple times first as a way to confirm that you want to restart the storyline with them and that you’re fine losing all progress made with the character of that storyline you’ve unmatched with (but could resume if you decided to return to them later).

I’d do that for one storyline if I had the chance, but I’m also okay with Zayn. I only didn’t choose Charlie since he wasn’t even released at the time. Fortunately I don’t even care much about the plot and I’m using him as a diamond mine anyway, but I still would’ve preferred Charlie anyway.

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I didn’t realize this, but you’re Right!! The female stories are not as interesting, perhaps only Victoria/Sage’s story was quite different.

I agree with the CP suggestion. It’s definitely a waste of swipes if half the profiles can’t match with you.