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Suggestions for alliance system - Sanctuaries

Sometimes it is hard to Leaders to take care of some things, especially Sanctuaries. We try to optimize them to get more of what them have to offer us, but some members are not following to some rules we create (or just have lack of attention), and them put wrong dinos,
muddling the strategy of others.

My suggestion is: • Leaders be able to remove dinos from sanctuaries, and if it’s removed, do not give DNA from members that put them there.
PCQ suggests that I agree: • Sanctuaries aren’t oppen to others if isn’t in our alliance. There are many sanctuaries, no need to be open.
• And if we could naming then, would be great! Easier to recognize them with the dinos we want there, exemple: Sanctuary name: COMMON RAPTORS, and just put them there.
• If the player leave the alliance, their dinos have to be removed instantly, doesn’t make any sense they still there.

What do you think about it?

(sorry if I wrote something wrong, my english isn’t that good.)


While I agree this would be a nice idea - the problem with this and other ideas such as naming sanctuaries or enforcing placement rules is that sanctuaries are publically available; anyone walking down the street can view a sanctuary and add a creature to it or FIP it.

For it to work you would need a way for alliances to claim a sanctuary - locking out non-members; which would not necessarily be a bad idea.


I totally agree with you! There are many sanctuaries, no need to be open to others. Name them is a good idea too, It’s easier to recognize them and put the right dinos there.


We now have to be more careful of blind requests to join. There are players that are joining just to place a dino and leaving. Leaders should be able to remove creatures, but that would be another can of worms. It would be nice to have a numbering system along the left hand side for some type of reference though.

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I think if you leave an alliance any creatures you have in sancturies should be returned immediately. Would stop the cuckoo problem.


what do you mean with numbering system?
And, again, I agree with you PQC, They have to be removed, doesn’t make any sense they still there.

That’s a perfect idea!

Where it shows the sanctuary level, add a 1 thru x to the left of that so instead of saying the level 8 it would be #3. It would help a lot when there is more than one at the same level.

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That’s a great idea, but if we could name them, isn’t be necessary

Although that would hinder multi-alliance sanctuaries many of which rely on the join, place/share, leave sequence to get things started.

Edit: perhaps the alliance who claimed the sanctuary could share with up to 3 other alliances …

Academic anyway - Ludia have enough other things to work on.

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I totally agree…great idea

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Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Partnering with other alliances to increase activity and members interacting should be up to leaders maybe? Those that lack integrity and are sneaky about it are the ones ruining what should be a good thing. I definately think if a player leaves an alliance their dinos should leave with them. I can’t think of any reason that wouldn’t work @PQC :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be nice to name them but it’s up to your alliance to organize how to fill them up.
Losing them to an alliance who manages to find your sanctuary on the map is a fun factor if you ask me. It’s like they found a treasure. Part of the game, there should be plenty of others to fill up.
Some alliances have level 20 sanctuaries, it’s just a matter of organizing. I don’t see why you should be able to kick a dino out. You can always see who placed it, them talk to that person to make sure he doesn’t screw up again.

The whole idea of sanctuaries is that they are map oriented, NOT alliance oriented. Once you understand that this is the underlying reason, you would seize your effort to try to make it an alliance based operation. It is not.

I can see that perspective as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Private/Public setting maybe?

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Everyone will make it private. Don’t think that will play out well. And who controls that? I don’t think sanctuaries should have an owner.

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For what it takes to level within an alliance there should be some level of control over them. I can’t imagine anything changing anyway so we will need to make the best of how things are.

I agree with leaders being able to remove dinos (let’s face it, we can remove members). That said, you have that option if someone has “infiltrated” your alliance - their dinos will be gone in <48 hours. Neither “kick out” option should be abused.

Removing dinos could be one of the leader tools we have been patiently waiting for :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I like being able to share sanctuaries - my son is in a friend’s alliance and we share the two sanctuaries at my house. More variety, more players interacting with the dinos and leveling the sanctuary.

If you don’t want others in a specific sanctuary just keep it full (with a dino rotation that allows you to always place one as soon as another one returns).


Sanctuaries don’t have a leader or an owner. They are to be found on a map and everyone can put something in it.
I don’t get this request.

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