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Suggestions for clearer descriptions

Defense Shattering Rampage:
Basic attack. Automatic win against 90% of the roster.

Chance to be defeated in 2 moves instead of one

Long Invincibility
Give opponent free move to swap to Defense shattering creature

Cautious strike
Defeat all counters automatically, reduce all opponents creatures hp by 50% if they attempt to counter by swapping to something else.

Be defeated in 2 turns instead of one

Passive. Small chance to be defeated in 2 turns instead of one, bypassed by majority of abilities.

Obviously I’m not serious, but seriously boosts have ruined basically every stat in the game with runaway numbers.

I had a match today where someone timed out every move, was two creatures down, then brought out thor. one shot my entire team doing a minimum of 5000 per hit. Faster than everything on my team.

And the worst is this is a regular occurance. A boosted Thor is effectively immune to verything by virtue of damage. Even if you use distraction on it, that means it goes from doing 5000 damage (because they so often crit every hit) to 2000 per hit. Which is still enough to 2 shot anything that can use distraction.

And that’s if they decide to take the hit at all instead of just swapping to something else to take out your counter. Often a thor hits you once, after distraction still taking off 50-60% of your health and so a quick swap to dracoceratops and your thor can go back to oneshotting the rest of your team, but if something survives, dracoceratops will finish them off.

The only actual way to survive some of these incredibly high damage hits is evasion. And even then, if you’re lucky enough not to be one shot it just means they’ll bring out the next high damage super speed creature to one shot you as soon as your evasion wears off. But usually they don’t need to, because they only need to bypass your evasion ONCE.

And then there’s Ardentismaxima. The creature that 2 shots everything because it crits every second shot. If you could survive the defense shattering rampage, the next shot will slow you, so you’ll still be defeated if you’re lucky enough not to get crit hit one of those two hits. Anything that’s immune to deceleration hasn’t got the hp to survive the hit.

All the swap gains you is 2 creatures at under 50% hp instead of one.
These plus the two indoraptors are just so massively imbalanced with boosts.

Sure, each of these individuially can be countered by various, costly means. But you don’t have to defeat one of them. You have to defeat at least two of these in any team, often four of them.

If it’s two teams that are the same, it essentially comes down who what you send out first determining who has to swap, and therefore who wins. There’s no strategy left, just luck.

Most of the roster has no strategic value because their base stats and abilities are too low and don’t counter any of those creatures.

So often we see a new creature pop up, appear in a week or two of play and then disappear again because it doesn’t actually do anything against the most commonly encountered creatures.

Most of these common creatures have some common elements:
They have defense shattering rampage.
They are immune to anything that would put them at a disadvantage
They have a cleanse to clear anything that could put them at a disadvantage that they aren’t immune to
They have an instant ability to counter anything that counters any remaining weaknesses.
They can be easily boosted so their stats are higher than their counters
Their counters can’t be boosted high enough to counter them again once they’re maxed. (if they’re a speedy counter, their hp is too low, if they’re a tanky counter, their damage is too low, or they lack immunities, making them easy to counter with a swap.

On top of this, teams are randomised. 4 out of 8. All you need is a round where the hard counter you’ve trained up isn’t in your team and you’ll lose, with nothing you can do about it. I’ve had so many one sided matches where there was just nothing one person could do against the other because one creature countered their whole team.

Or where it requires a very specific counter, and even if you have it, all they have to do is swap the countered creature and hit the counter once and it will no longer have the HP needed to act as counter.

I know the boost system won’t be removed because it’s a paid service, but it needs a drastic rethink. It’s not suited to this game’s gameplay at all.

There’s nothing fun about 4 one sided matches in a row, win or lose. The win just provides relief because you can set up an incubator and stop playing.


Seems like the clearest description of the arena right there.

I can’t tell you how many incubators and DBI I’ve missed because I don’t even want to go that far anymore.


My evasion never works. I can’t tell you how many times my evasion failed and a boosted thor istantly killed me.


Evasion almost feels like it has a problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve counted my opponent dodge 3 (or more when counter attackers are in the mix) times in a row, then when I try it as a last resort, they hit through it on both occasions.

I also feel you on Ardentis. I still don’t agree with anything other than a glass cannon having full immunity. GC have that immunity because they’re so quick to fall to pretty much anything. Tanks? They have a load of HP and armor. By making them immune you’re pushing people towards chompers again to the point there’s little purpose in playing anything else.