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Suggestions for game


Ability to add eggs to hatchery after one is pending hatching without withdrawing eggs.

More responsive buttons. I have to press multiple times. This also will cause me to accidentally spend runes or go.into battles with wrong dragons.

Quicker loading after battles. Also remove ability to exit out of screen before rewards are given.

When changing dragons before battle, it will change teams when I’m trying to change dragons. This should be fixed.

A little number indicating dragon level for ea h dragon on the roster page.

Be able to see all dragon info on roster page. Currently you can’t bring up those who are on a team.


Hi all,

I piggyback on this thread to add my own suggestion.

I would also like to see the ability to review the number of available dragon scales.

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Maybe you should add more dragons later like some rise of berk like the Sandwraith or Speed-stinger, terrible terror, Quaken, Scauldron, Razorwhip, Changewing, Death Song, Fireworm (Queen), Flightmare, Seashocker, Snaptrapper, Tripe Stryke, Night Terror, Sand Buster, Hobblegrunt, Armor Wing and Hotburple a lot of people like those dragons I think it would better better to also be able to upgrade the amount dragons you can hold without usings gems I love this game so does a lot of other people making this game better in any way by giving ideas are the best thing to do ludia I play many of these games and there best mobile games ive played in my life better then fortnite if you have any questions email me if you can or reply through the forums also get gamingbeaver to play please he’ll love it


A friend and I play the game together and she had an interesting suggestion of adding sound effects for when your dragons use their special move in battle. “It would be much more satisfying.”

Another problem we’ve both come across is that there seems to be endless ways to spend money and so we frequently run out, but not enough ways to spend fish, of which we both have a surplus. Perhaps make upgrading the treasury and/or hatching eggs require fish instead of money?

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Leveling should refill your energy


Maybe switch amount of fish and coins from battles. If I got 3250 coins and 1600 fish it would be much more balanced


Wow. I usually play with the sound off. I just played with the sound on and there are sound effects for everything except the specials. That needs to be corrected! It is kind of jarring to not hear anything


It would be great if two special tiles that are the same type triggered at the same time gave a combo bonus. Ie triggering two in a line where they both clear the same tiles would put those tiles at a combo level higher.
Currently many special tiles are wasted with no benefits


The duties keep getting harder but the rewards never increase…


Also dont know why ppl are complaining about too much fish. Breeding and lvling cost more fish than i can farm i always have 0 food and a full dragon inventory


I wish the game would remember my filter settings instead of me constantly having to switch to color


I would like to be able to see exactly how many runes I have vs 1.5k


The game has auto-match and auto-match+ability how about auto-ability


I would love to be able to see my max resources on the player screen. How.many eggs I can hold, how much gold and fish. Currently I dont believe there is any spot to find max eggs and I cant remember my current max


It would be nice if coins and fish were still generated during upgrades, just make it so they can’t be claimed til the end. The resources are scarce enough w/o missing out for 16hrs


it used to be like that. It was changed in the most recent update, along with the change to disqualify the repeatable quests as “quests” in the duties section.


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This has been mentioned before, but I would love to see more randomization to the duty numbers. Maybe pet 5 dragons, level 1 dragon, hatch 3 eggs etc. Obviously petting is the easiest and setting it at 1 compared to 10 of others seems unbalanced, not that petting 20 would take more than a few minutes