Suggestions for Improvements

Why are there no uncommon dinos??!! This is what I’m seeing playing the game. Rare’s are more uncommon then rare, epics are more rare then epic and legendary are more epic. Decide, take a community vote, or whatever, but create a uncommon category and shift most of the dinos in each category down one. I’ve have never seen a game go common, rare, epic and lastly legendary. You’ve skipped uncommon smh makes no sense.

You should be able to pick your drone type at the DNA capture screen. Going into your settings each time you need to change is ridiculous. No single drone is great a capturing each dino and you should be changing the drone depending on the dino your trying to capture DNA from.

I’ve noticed every time I change screens i.e. from my dino list to world to alliance I have to reconnect to google play each time. This needs to be streamlined you shouldn’t be reconnecting each time to go from one screen in game to another. I’ve even seen reconnecting to chat when I’m in the world view. Why?! Connecting to chat should only happen when in the Alliance page with any dm’s or such along those lines becoming notifications that there is something in the Alliance chat for you to read.

This kind of coincides with the suggestion above. Each time you change screens its like the game has to completely reconnect. This shouldn’t be happening the game should stay connected all the time regardless of what screen you are in.

Scents…omg scents should stop their countdown when your not on the world map or if you exit the game. This is a ease of life thing for those of us playing the game. The regular scents are pointless. With the long load times once you pop it and go into a DNA capture screen by the time you exit the DNA capture screen the scent has worn off.

Size balancing… Large or huge creatures shouldn’t take full damage from tiny or small creatures and tiny or small creatures should get a size dodge bonus when taking damage from large or huge creatures. There is no way three tiny little birds are going to take down a T-Rex on the flip there is an increased chance that a T-Rex isn’t going to hit its mark every time against something so much smaller then it that the T-Rex could barely see it.

PVP…smh Let me ask you this if you going to battle another player would you rather have picked your best 4 man team to fight them or would you rather have your team randomly picked from eight dinos you have previously selected? I can guarantee most people would rather have picked their best 4 man team. This mechanic is silly, not useful and unwanted. If you took a pole you would find this to be true.

I have more ideas and suggestions, but helping you improve the game for free seems like a disservice to myself, I should be being paid for this.

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Outposts —> You pay bucks not coins to build an outpost so that you can instantly travel back to it while your away each person limited to a certain number of them. You could have player and alliance outposts. Outposts would make it easier to get back to places you were at before. With the limited travel these days due to well you know.

They can’t just add uncommons like that. Where would they fit? Because each rarity is 5 level higher than the one before it would require to push rare and everything above by 5 levels but since the cap is at 30, the apexes wouldn’t fit. Here is how it works: 1 common, 6 rare, 11 epic, 16 legendary, 21 unique and 26 apex.

The thing about size doesn’t matter because firstly realism in the JP and JW franchises doesn’t exist. Like you can’t make extract the DNA of extinct creatures from fossils. Secondly bigger creatures in this game tend to have higher hp than smaller ones but there are exceptions. So no need to nerf the attack of small creatures when they attack bigger ones because it would make the cunning class even worse since they are mostly small creatures.

As for a team of 4 it would make the meta even worse because people would dump their Scorpus and Prex in there forcing everyone to constantly fight the exact same team. If anything, team size should be kept at 8 creatures.


Yes, it would require a refit to add uncommon dinos and it wouldn’t be hard.

Hence the added dodge bonus for smaller creatures when fighting larger ones. Read that again “when fighting larger ones”.

There is a meta now for 8 man teams. In every game I have played I’ve found work arounds that break meta builds. If you cannot figure this out for yourself and need to copy others to win then maybe you shouldn’t play pvp.