Suggestions for jurassic world the game

With the permission of the administrators, ludia and all this beautiful community, I would like to share my suggestion to improve our experience in this great game. 1- Increased free rewards (packs) 100 tickets, 400,000 coins, dna, loyalty points and food, 1 common dinosaur, 1 common mod every 6 hours is not a bad offer. 2- daily rewards (envelopes) 200 tickets, 800,000 DNA, loyalty points, coins and food, 1 rare dinosaur, 1 rare mod. 3- rewards for battle of food, bills, coins, loyalty points and DNA (envelopes) with 5 cards of 300 bills, of 500,000 in the case of food, coins, loyalty points or DNA. 4- creature unlock battle rewards (envelope) 150 bills, 400,000 food, coins, dna and loyalty points plus 2 specimens of the unlocked creature 5- rewards per tournament depending on classification (envelopes) a) baby league 50 bills, 200,000 coins, food, DNA, loyalty points and 2 common dinosaurs of the same species. b) prey league 100 tickets, 400,000 coins, dna, food and loyalty points and 2 rare dinosaurs of the same species. c) survivor league 250 bills, 600,000 food, loyalty points, dna and coins plus 2 very rare dinosaurs of the same species d) hunter league 500 tickets, 800,000 dna, food, loyalty points, coins and 2 legendary dinosaurs of the same species. e) league of predators 1,000 tickets, 1,000,000 DNA, food, coins, loyalty points, 4 dinosaurs (common, rare, very rare and legendary) f) league of dominators 2,000 tickets, 2,000,000 dna, food, coins, loyalty points and unlock the tournament dinosaur with 4 assets
8- lower prices in the loyalty subscription and vip pass, as well as spending on packages and game envelopes 9- the enclosures of the herbivorous and carnivorous Jurassic creatures should all be of the same size, small for raptors and dryosaurs, medium for ceratopcids, stegosaurus, ankylosaurids, hadrosaurs and small carnivorous theropods, and large for sauropods and giant carnivores. 10- the aviary should be created and place all the pterosaurs, since in Jurassic world there is an aviary not the pterosaurs in many enclosures. 11- A small stream should be placed in the herbivore and carnivore enclosures

well those are my small and humble suggestions, i love ludia, i love jurassic world the game, i love dinosaurs, i love this community. I really wish I could work with you and fulfill my dream.