Suggestions for jwa

We all know that JWA could possibly do much better, and I have seen many great suggestions in the forums, and now I will give my suggestion for how to improve JWA.

Response to COVID-19 improvements:

Allow a Gyrosphere, which adds a joystick to the map, allowing us to gather whatever DNA we need while in quarantine. It will last 1 hour per day. You can press ‘Stop Gyrosphere’ to stop the timer when you are doing Strike Towers or you reached a zone of interest. However, when you press ‘Stop Gyrosphere’, you would not be able to move. A gyrosphere moves around bicycle speed.

Change the Locals, it’s really hard to get dinos that we need while at stuck in quarantine. Maybe make it change throughout the week like Monday is Zone 1, Tuesday Zone 2 and so on.

Allow all scents to have double spawns like Giga scents.

Add themed scents like Park scents.

Game suggestions:

Nerf CS, it’s a Cautious Strike for Pete’s sake. Its name suggests attacking while being careful, so it would be right if it reduces damage taken for self. I propose CS will only do Evasive, but has a shield as well. This would make still make IG2 weak to nullifying, but not as annoying as before with the distraction+dodge combo.

Create a ‘creature tracker’. If a creature is in 500 meters of where you currently are, you can use the creature tracker to track that creature’s location. If you can’t reach that arena, you can pay a certain amount of bucks to dart that creature at full range(eg 100 meters away=pay 25 bucks).

Add actual dinosaurs into the game!!!

Add more tournament themes:
Advanced Skill tournament:All creature level set to 26, 20 stat boosts tiers are available for you to boost your tournament creatures.
Themed tournament:Only creatures who meet the requirement can be used in this tournament(eg. Have shield shattering effect)

Nerf the stupidly OP dinosaurs.

That’s all from me, any other suggestions?

P.S:Don’t post 1.14 leaks on the forums until the patch notes are out

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I love the gyrosphere idea, especially the adding actual dinosaur to game. Even better, creatures that needs more attention

One question. How long do you stop moving after you press “stop gyrosphere”?

I was thinking half an hour

Like you stop for 30 minutes after you press “stop gyrosphere”?

Yes, then you can do strike towers without wasting the 1 hour limit. You can also use it when you reach a zone of interest.