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Suggestions for JWAlive


*Spar menu between friends.With no rewards(or very small)
*Trade or Market menu with fixed values. ex. 100 DNA rare triceratops -->400 coins or
100 DNA rare triceratops–>200 DNA velociraptor this market or trade will be between Players or Bots.
*Raise the HP of Dinos so we can have more tactical approach and no KOS(kill on sight)
*Downgrade the coins for Evolve and Fuse
*Call for Supply Drop to our house or work and will stay there unless we want to change it(1 change per month).It cannot used by other player but it could be attacked (only once a day) and it will be disabled for hours(it will be defended by our team with A.I or if we are available from us)
*It would be nice and very difficult from your part,to let us make hybrids with whichever dino we want…and the skills and the attributes will be randomly fused.Variety for everyone.
*Migration…change once a month every dino in every habitat zone so the players don’t get upset or bored with the same dinos all over the place.
*Babysteps with the arenas…too early at 7 lvl…
*Bots make them to determine the lvl of the player and balance the lvls(and better AI) or make more slots for incubators so we don’t need all the time to battle someone(or give us the option if we want to fight a bot or not)
*Hopefully more Land,Air and Water Dinos
*Weather effects should affect with pros or cons some Dinos
*Map: it would be nice to see Predators to fight other Dinos and to have the option to send the drone to take DNA from both with the same time given to us.
*Option to have a scan Drone and once per hour to sent it approximately 500 meters around us to scan the territory and give us blur blue or yellow colours so to know that in this direction we will find epic or rare Dino(like tom clancys wildlands minimap)
*After a battle give us predetermined answers to send to other player …like gg(good game),you were lucky…i like your team…ohh so many stuns…etc etc
*Championship matches: random 10 players of the same lvl(at the same hour zone) with knockout matches or small championship will play against each other in predetermined hours, and reward the first three
OR some other kind of tournaments with maximum 10-15 players
*New personal avatars and photos
*Upgradable Laboratory …ex. in lvl 1 we have 60% to get 10 from Fuse…in lvl 5 we have 40% to get 10
*Incubators of 1/4/10 hours (if you change the slots to 8…to prevent too many bot fights)
*For every real Dino in Dinodex you should give us more info…like weight…length…where did it live etc etc(wiki)
*Supply Drops it would be nice to have small amount of DNA …randomly lets say 50 common or 10 rare or 5 epic…and it would have small chance to happen

ps: Poke Fodder i love your videos…keep up the good work