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Suggestions for lovelinks

It’s fun but everything cost a bit too much in gems. Maybe if there was an ad option for gems or bypassing premium options.
Also the waiting around is quite boring. There needs to be something to keep you in the game.
Also you need an option for what you are looking for eg. male female etc… I’d like to have more options to match with that are up my alley. I’m not interested in matching with females but I feel like that’s my only choices most times.


Completely agree with everything you said. I’m still obsessively playing it but would love what you said. Especially the avatar customization.

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I agree with the gem thing especially (but I understand they need to make a profit too when the whole game is free if you want). 300 to see 10 new profiles, all of whom may not be of your preferred gender (if you have one), 300 per photos unlock, and 120 per premium choice racks up fast. Even if you take away the 300 to refresh which I don’t usually go for, but waiting forever for matches to respond without without else to do is kind of tiring. I get that it’s meant to emulate real life to an extent in that way. I’d also like to speed up the texting speed a little, but that’s a small thing.

I tend to get mostly guys and match with them the most when I’d rather not 99% of the time, but most of the girls don’t match back.

I mentioned this is a post as well, but I’d like some way to know how to increase the chance of matching with some people as there are some who I can never seem to match with for some reason.

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