Suggestions for making in game chat better for everyone

Ludia please please please improve the in-game chat system, for alliance leaders like myself the current chat system does not work. You have built an awesome game where play progression relies on players being part of an alliance. However to get an alliance to communicate fluently about strategy we are forced to use external chat systems such as discord, Facebook or WhatsApp which people don’t want to have to join and allow people access to there private profiles and information. A few suggestions on how to improve your chat system.

  1. create a personal message system where leaders and co-leaders can message any alliance members personally and where other people can personal message people in their friends list.
  2. Separate the chat channel from DNA requests.
  3. Set up chat notification pop up on the game screen so as people can see that someone has written a message on the chat. Although this should be able to be turned off in settings.

The current chat system makes it really hard for alliance leaders to lead especially when it crashes so much and there is a limit on how much you can write or read in the current chat system