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Suggestions for more enjoyable gaming

Some thoughts i had for making the game more enjoyable. Feel free to add your thoughts as well

  1. Put more explore mode and obviously new higher challenges
  2. Leave explore mode on so we can replay whatever stage we want and not just make it disappear after we complete it
  3. Add some daily portent dice ( like divine wizard in d&d ) that we can use on challenge mode
  4. Make pvp matchups more fair. I’ve screenshots with my lvl 12-14 characters getting paired with as high as full lvl 20 teams. Mostly bots of course but this is worst cause that shows that the game is actually coded like that.
  5. Players who switch guilds due to probably wanting a more active guild shouldn’t lose their keys. After all they won them by a solo effort.
  6. Make visible the max level stats of gear. Sort of like 3 icons. Current, next upgrade like it is now and max upgrade.
  7. Fix the loading screen issue. So annoying especially in pvp.
    Those are just some off the top of my head suggestions i have. Would like to see what other players think of these and what suggestions they have.

Hi @Jace2.0 your suggestions are really interesting. Let me back you up with the visibile status of the item leveling. I like that idea, It Is very useful.

Being able to keep the player’s Guild keys Is also a.good point, as, from what I have experienced, earning those items Is an individual work at the end of the day.

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I think your suggestions are awesome!I just had another suggestion that is making AR mode compatible to all devices.I play on a Samsung Tab A and AR mode in this game is not compatible with my device.I would really appreciate it if you will fix it but overall it’s the best game ever!

Great suggestions.

Keeping keys is key. :wink: I’m friends with a lot of people playing this game in multiple guilds, and we’re trying to build them up, but getting someone to leave a dead guild (with only a handful of actives) and join a new guild is hard enough without them also paying the 100% key-tax.

Making PvP during ToM is of course what practically everyone complains about. I don’t know what the perfect fix is, but it seems like the part of the game that makes the most players angry.

I like the other ideas (especially loading issues) but the PvP and Key-tax seem like the most important to me, because fixing them shows a player-friendly design philosophy.

Hello Jace2.0, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game! I’ll make sure to let our team know.