Suggestions for my jwa team

Do you think I should switch up my team or go after any hybrid? Btw I’m in Aviary.


Aviary is a wall for most players. A unbreakable wall that takes months to clear. I suggest you just generally try to in the background level your team and grind stat boosts and new creatures to help you progress.

However your main focus should be skill tournament to preoccupy you while you are grinding resources and preparing to try and get passed aviary borders. Or perhaps you can become an all-star Raider and focus your time on trying to takedown apex bosses.

There are many good options of ways to enjoy the game beyond PvP, but that’s just my little suggestion to you on your priorities in JWA as you will 100% get burnt out from the game if you continue to focus on PvP.

Nevertheless, the creatures I would suggest you grind towards is the leveling of your SC3. And start trying to fuse indot, daryx, Phorurex, skoona, and parat if you are a abided dino hunter.

Hope those suggestions and advices help you in some way :smiley:


I would say just to try and level up your current team and try to unlock phorurex and skoona. Those 2 creatures will hopefully do you good

Well I’m looking to replace my indominus rex

Replace Indoraptor, it’s viability will drop insanely fast. Try getting stuff like Erlikospyx or Phorurex to replace it.


As @MINMI said, it is a wall. I spent almost half a year in the aviary. There’s lots of Thors. Working on Erlikospyx would be good. That and Sg3. You might want to work on parasauthops, indotaurus, and skoonasaurus. . Replacing Alloraptor should help


I’m not replacing info yet it has 140 speed

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Because as roaring raptor said there are a lot of Thor’s and indo is a good counter

And I’ll need something fast to replace my allo since it has 132 speed

Just wait till the net update when they add boost refund tokens

Try Indoraptor Gen 2 or Phorusaura instead of alloraptor
Even if they’re unboosted they can speed up

I don’t want to level up Iraptor gen 2 I’d rather get rid of indom

Team update. Btw if I could have advice for non-meta as well, I don’t really care about how good it is. That’s a lie actually, I just want fun but good creatures to use like mangapyritator, but I can’t really do that

Btw I’m already trying to get albertospinos and there is no turning back. I would like to know if it is doable to get a fun creature to play around with