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Suggestions for my team in 2.0

If There’s any good Dinos that you think I should use, please tell me.

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This is my current Team.

Maybe nopadotitan

Ok, I can start to invest in that.

Phorusaura and Monomimus are pretty good to have on your team. Ardontosaurus is decent and can be fused into the unique Ardentismaxima, which is one of the strongest creatures in the current meta. Ankyntrosaurus is worth mentioning as it can be fused into Trykosaurus which is a strong creature.

Phorusaura Im already working towards And I might use it, and Monomimus I not that interested because its basically just a weaker prorat.

Im happy with 2.0 because now the people who make the tier lists won’t think my boi ragankylo doesn’t suck, because mine is a beast.

It is now stronger than prorat imo.

Thylacotator is the best bleeder now, and one of the best creatures overall.

I like to run spinotah over thylo because spinotah is quicker and does a lot of bleed damage.

The speed doesn’t matter, except for really fast Thors. Thylacotator beats Tryko, Lania, Gemini, Maxima, Dio, etc. Spinotasuchus doesn’t even come close.

im just not used to running it, and I never get marsupial lion dna

I got indoraptor today, and Im proud

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0_0 what the heck