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Suggestions for new scoring systems for the Arena and Tournaments

For Arena, I think 20/40 is a good direction to go. However, a mere 100 trophy count difference doesn’t make 2 players that much different in skills and team strength. Therefore, I recommend using a 300 trophy count for the maximum 10-trophy reward difference.

For Tournaments:

  1. Trophy rewards shouldn’t be different based on the current scores since scores change quickly during the tournaments.
  2. Floors should be set so that players don’t fall off the cliff with unfortunate encountering of a streak of stronger players
    * Scores shouldn’t be lower than the entry points, or certain points below the entry ones.
    * Scores shouldn’t be lower than 200 below the highest, or whatever formula determines.

If you read my article today (spoiler alert, you are mentioned), I proposed my personal solution for Tournament. I think 30/30 makes the most sense in Skills style where there is no such thing as “team power” on paper and 35/25 could work for Advantage. I have not personally put thought in to Arena or opponent spreads.

I really like your idea of floors, also!

have a look at this too, see what you think New trophy system that fixes almost everything

Sure 30/30 for skills.
35/25 is definitely better than 40/20 for advanced. It will still lower the total Alliance trophy count for strong alliances though. Maybe 40/30, so we can still reach the alliance reward that we targeted before.

They seem stuck on this “60” which is why 25/35 would more likely be something they’d do and the reason I came up with it. The gap in a 20/40 is just too great which is the base of the massive flaw in that system.

I know what you mean. 20/40 made my Alliance members lose about 125 trophy count in average in the last tour. 25/35 may reduce the difference to 70 (just a wild guess without any simulations). 30/40 may minimize the difference, but I agree that Ludia wouldn’t do it…

How does 30/40 differ from 25/35? It’s the same gap between. I’ve had a long day and spent all day yesterday buried in numbers, so I’m not feeling much up to mathing it myself.

Higher average trophy counts. This won’t change the ranks much compared to 25/35, but will increase the trophies you get, and thus a higher reward level for your alliance.

Just consider this extreme case: 90/100 vs. 10/20, folks will get a higher trophy count in average with 90/100

Ah yes, now I see. Like I said, I was pretty fried by yesterday. Unfortunately they seem awful bent on this 60 thing