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Suggestions for PvP players to dramatically improve game

Since Ludia are determined not to fix any of the major issues with PvP heres a few suggestions for players.

  1. (unless you were Completely ripped off at the start of the match by absurd turn order, misses, negligible damage attacks turn after turn) have the decency to stop playing if you end up with cleric with epic weapon (by himself) vs 4.

  2. don’t use that piece of garbage - warlock hold

A little bit of common decency amongst players would dramatically improve the PvP experience

If we are going there, then let me add: Dont take every second on your obvious turn decision to let your opponent die in the fire. :grinning:

I don’t disagree with you. But, if you see a bone in the Cleric’s hand, don’t leave him to be the last man standing. Problem solved.

Not much you can do to solve the 4-turn root of the Warlock. That’s just pure cheese.

This isn’t my first rodeo … Often you don’t have the opportunity to take out cleric.

Ludia needs to implement a roll that gives a chance, even 1 in 20, of breaking that stupid root. The ones that use it the most are bots. Disarm then root/push. Nothing more annoying than having half your team useless as a caster sits back and just hits turn after turn. Thankfully, at least half the characters now have a means to remove it, either from self or the whole team