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Suggestions for Rise of Berk - Buy things with iron

I have been playing for years and have got to the point where there really isn’t anything I can do. I keep trying to level up my dragons but all of my best dragons are at level 134. So currently my fish and wood are full. My iron is full. I can’t really do anything.

I keep getting amber but I can’t speed up that process. I would love some other ways to use my iron.

I love the game otherwise I wouldn’t keep playing it but I am at a point where there isn’t anything to do.


I agree, continually have storage maxed out and have to find something to spend fish, wood, iron on. It’s annoying especially when you can only feed a dragon once then have to collect more. Storage should be 50-100 bigger and maybe autocollect when you login. If you fill basins 50-100 bigger well tough… If you have that much then should not be worried about loosing resources.

Would be good to be able to use Iron to buy Ruins then would do more journeys (currently avoid the ruin based journeys).

Main thing I am doing now is collecting Amber for the seasonal statues (still need Spring and summer) then will work on statues for Shellfire, but getting a single statue to level five will take a year, so four years to complete this yikes!!! not sure I will last that long, already been playing for over 8 years I think.

Also have over 500 ‘More Wood to Enjoy’ messages and as new messages are at the bottom, no longer open my mail, so no idea what other messages could be in there.

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