Suggestions for the game

So far I am enjoying the game, but you run into the pay wall rather quickly.
My first suggestion is make gold more plentiful. It is literally impossible to advance in this game without gold. You need it to level up both gear and heros and you get so little as rewards. Nothing worse than having a hero ready to level but you don’t have the gold to level them up and it will take you days of grinding chests and challenges to save up enough. Challenges cost gold to grind, and you have to get lucky on the dice to break even.
My second suggestion is to lower the time requirements needed to open battle chests. Honestly, the rewards from the bronze chests are so little that having to wait three hours is ridiculous. Bronze chests should be like 5 minutes to open, silver 1 hour, gold 3 hours, and go up two hour increments per tier of chest.
My third suggestion is to allow us to spend gems to buy more chest slots. I grind out the 8 wins in battle mode to get the gold or chest reward every 12 hours. It would be nice to be able to stockpile more chests while grinding battle mode.
My 4th suggestion is to make explore mode replayable. You can put a timer on the levels, or just a hard cap like one or two times a day. This would allow people more chances at a secret chest as well as getting more gold which is scarce if you are f2p.
My fifth suggestion is to allow all challenges to be playable for free on a timer. So far only the first dungeon has a free timer. They all should imho.
My sixth suggestion is to allow people to keep all three rewards rolled on the dice during challenge mode. It sucks to fight through 9 rooms and to walk out with no gold and some crappy common item.