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Suggestions for the next Tournament


What I would like to see would be a change to the win lose amount of trophies! That way if all you are able to accomplish is a win one lose one at least you can advance! Make it a set amount not based on anything

Win 40 trophies loss 35 trophies!


Next one. Im worried what they do when this one ends in 17 days. They going to reset again and leave players unable to get incubators when they have slots. Then reset when next tournament starts.

I like your suggestions. But Ludia haven’t worked out a painless way to start tournaments and maybe ending back to normal will be a new pain.


I still think a voluntary arena specific tournament is an answer!

Within the tournament you stay in that arena and can’t go up or down and battle is still based on trophies

To prevent high level players from dropping to be the top dog making the top prize in each arena the bottom prize of the one above will stop that for the most part!


Oh, and let’s not forget totally levelling the playing field by immediately eradicating all cheaters/spoofers permanently. Burn their accounts to the ground! Yes, we fair-players will be bathing in the blood of our enemies, listening to the lamentation of their women, and… and…

Oh, sorry. got a little excited there.

Anyway, I think that there are a LOT of things that need to be rectified before the next tournament is even announced. So many things went wrong with this one.


spoofers really should be in their own arena. why do they care about winning a tournament when they already have level 30 everything?


They shouldn’t even have an arena. Hell, they shouldn’t even be allowed to play the game.