Suggestions for the next update (only new features)

Dear ludia,
Pleas consider these suggestions for the next update.
Stirke for Feed , Play, and Interact
Donate epic dna
Put hybrids in sanctuarys(maybe a new/separate sanctuary for hybrids.or not )
Collect all button. (If there are 3 (or maybe 5) or more supply drops in your radius you can press a collect all button which spins all supply drops/treasure chests in your circle)
Multi dart feature (fire more than one dart at a time) (in order to access this feature you would need to be at the same level needed for multi fuse)
Creature/hybrid ballot. You send out a poll for one extra creature to add to the game and the community votes on which one they want
Hard cash in incubators that dont contain stat boosts
Maybe add FIPs to incubators


Bring back Paleozoic and Mesozoic creatures, especially the Triassic creatures. Some creatures that needs more attention


Yes I agree. The game is literally called “Jurassic” World Alive, not “The Whole Animal Kingdoms Alive” (regardless of how cool that now sounds! Free idea for a different new game in the pipeline for later on down the road perhaps?? Ludia interested? But back to my point I was trying to make tho. This game is based off the movies which are in turn based off the ancient past, notably the Jurassic Period. Now I’m fairly certain that there were waaayyy more variations/varieties of types of dinosaurs that existed during the Jurassic Period then only 186+ or - I honestly can remember at the top of my head how many “actual Dino’s are in this game total” creatures (I know there is 196 total in game but none of the deer and rhinos existed during the Jurassic Period. That was a long time after they were all dead.) So why can’t we get back on track alittle but here please? The rhinos were fun as like a side gig to have fun with, but it’s like c’mon now. Why keep making all these “new creatures/hybrids/super hybrids” to this game when NOBODY is EVER going to willingly put them on their Battlegrounds (arena) teams to use against other real ppl in combat that ISN’T “friendly battles.” Just seems like a waste of time and resources imho. You look at all the player’s rosters starting with the Top #1 Player in the world and go on down to the Top 50th or 100th player in the world, do you see any of these new deer or rhinos or terror birds amongst their rosters?? No. Regrettably and as unfortunate as it is to learn, they don’t have them b/c they know that the current Top 5 or 15 “same (tried and true) usual dinosaurs are spammed on everybody’s main team list. So why can’t you all come with some creatures that we the community can actually strive to try to bring up to max lvl 30 that we at least know will have a shot at dethroning the same dinosaurs that are spam used in the arena so heavily pretty please?? Ludia plz? Bring us some never before seen in the movies type of dinosaurs that fit within the whole early-to-mid-to-late Jurassic Period, maybe even reaching into the early Triassic Period if you really must but only as a last resort. Thank you kindly if you managed to read this whole thing! (Side Note: I’m so totally down for some aquatic dinosaurs like Mosasaur and Plesiosaurs inside a huge underwater arena, since one was indeed built and showcased in Jurassic World. PLZ?? Thanks again!)

image image image image image image I see several dinosaurs that have yet to be added to this game among these YouTube videos lists to help draw some inspiration for all you fine folks over at Ludia. ; ) The last image is proof that dinos do in fact spawn on water, b/c what spawns near and around strike towers? Dinosaurs. And this is a simple steel cable bridge over the Missouri River. So yes I DO believe aquatic dinosaurs CAN be integrated into this game with NO PROBLEM. : ) And lastly if dinos can spawn in creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes etc. like this Altma from Ghostbusters World then why can’t we have them spawn in any of the aforementioned places in and around Jurassic World: Alive??? : )

When I find an active sanctuary, I want to have the ability to invite the owners of those dinos to join my alliance.

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My thoughts…

Strikes for FIP would indeed be nice. :+1:t2:

Epic DNA donations also a yes. :+1:t2:

Hybrids shouldn’t be in sanctuaries. The idea is work to get them, so they can’t be too easy.

I don’t see a point to the collect all idea. It doesn’t take long to tap all the icons around you on the map.

Multidart while nice would make things too easy. Again, you have to work to get the DNA you need.