Suggestions for ToM

Actually, when Test of Might(ToM) was coming out, I expected PvE content.
I know your intention to strengthen the pool of PvP players,
I think there are many problems with ToM right now.

It consists of about 5 ~ 10 stages.
How about making each stage with Pit-fight, Defense, and Time-attack?
For example, There are monsters that can only be killed with special attacks (e.g. injure, push or pull),
There are a few bosses (e.g. Dragons) at a time.
a stage where a thief is guarded for a few turns to break up a trap.
or Time-attack to clear in a few turns. and so on.

That would be too high-end content?
The current ToM is mixed with top-tier PvP players, making it harder for low-level players to clear.

D&D is not just a hack & slash; it is composed of adventures, battles, puzzles, etc.

sorry for my bad English. :smiley:

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Yes, good ideas! Have an area (PVE!) that only melee fighters can do damage, or where there is no healing allowed, or where Common weapons do double-damage. Or you need 1 of each hero type (red/blue/yellow/purple) to enter.

Those are events. Not PvP until you get 50 wins. And don’t charge gems to play and finish the events.

You’ll still make money, Ludia, because what do the suggestions above have in common? They require us to have all heroes leveled and equipped (or we’d end up unable to complete the event). To do that, most people are going to spend some money gearing up their heroes.

Of course, this also assumes that each event has a prize(s) worth the time and effort we have to put into it.

That’s the model most similar apps use. And in those games, nobody complains about the events being boring or unfair. Those who can’t finish the event can still get some of the lower tier rewards, and it incentivized them to gear up their heroes so they can do better next time.

The current system does not incentivize anyone to do anything. A low level player is matched up against lower level players, so they have just as good (or just as poor) chance of completing the event as someone which higher level heroes. What’s the point of gearing up then?

Make it PVE, and make it no gems to participate, and make success/failure depend upon how well you’ve geared your heroes.