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Hi I am an average Jurassic world alive player I am in an alliance and I have a few suggestions for alliance updates. I thought maybe since you can only request every five hours or so what if they made it so each rarity had a different request button and it only counted for that button like maybe epics you could request every 7 hours and maybe fares every 4 and common maybe only one hour. I also had some ideas for dinosaurs and mammals that should be put in the game such as the ceratasaurus and the questocaltlus or even a giant beaver (I am bad at spelling) or maybe even an aquatic up date like maybe if you were by a lake or ocean you could get different aquatic reptiles. Remember these aren’t requests they’re just suggestions I just think the ideas would be cool. Thanks for reading this and peace out.


You mean Quetzalcoatlus? She’s already in the game.

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Oh didn’t know

i would just love some way of handling such a million creatures in roster.

more than 200 and counting, it’s already slowing down and bad scroll response even on newer devices.

some kind of grouping or hiding them maybe. :confused:

That sounds cool

Yeah maybe they could like sort them in a alphabetical order

That’s an option in game already I think


I meant like you have it all closed besides your team and you can look for dinosaurs Abby clicking a letter and it will show all the dinosaurs starting with that letter besides the ones on your team

Have some

I like them there unique

Sense you joined yesterday welcome to the forums also thank you for your comment I really appreciate it

well, maybe. but anything other than a full list of more than 200 touchable thumbnails would be great to fix scroll performance issues we have now.

hiding, grouping, whatever. that combo list of sorting can be used, just another list of “filter by” and show only selected rarity, selected tier, speed range etc. less dinos to scroll, more fluid scroll (or at least faster to see and choose creatures). then ludia can keep releasing a pack of new creatures every month lol.

I think it will be cool if we had the option to Chat in the Raid waiting Lobby. Tell Host to wait or to invite more gamers. Or chat and help each other choose the dinosaur team together.

I think it would be nice if we could add anot her dinosaur while we are using AR.

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