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Suggestions - Gen 2 Commons, Incubators, and Singleplayer/Offline Mode

Hi, all.
I’ve been lurking in the official and unofficial Facebook groups since I started playing the game in 2016, and have recently started delving into the forums. Lots of good stuff and dedicated fans here, so I finally decided to throw my hat into the ring and make some suggestions here rather than in Facebook comments. I’ve been playing consistently since 2016 with no periods of inactivity lasting more than a few days, so I’d like to think I’m a somewhat experienced player. That said, I’m a strictly F2P player, so my perspective may be lacking in some areas. All that said, allow me to make some suggestions!

  1. Gen 2 Commons. Back when common hybrids were introduced, I was dismayed to see we had 2 pterosaur hybrids and 0 amphibian hybrids, which results in Alangasaurus being relatively overpowered in common-only battle events. Yes, Pelicanipteryx is significantly stronger than Alangasaurus, but it gets hard countered by Labyrinthosaurus whereas there are no common amphibians that are close to Alangasaurus in terms of power. Diplocaulus and Labyrinthodontia may have the class advantage over Alangasaurus, but can be overwhelmed by the sheer disparity in strength between them and an Alangasaurus.

This could be resolved by the addition of two Gen 2 commons (at least one amphibian, class of the other doesn’t matter) that could be used to create a common amphibian hybrid. I know from my limited experience in JWA that Ludia can and has made a Gen 2 creature weaker than its predecessor, so this seems feasible to me. Obviously this isn’t a pressing issue, just something I think would make the game a bit more well-rounded.

  1. Additional Incubators. I’m aware this may be an unusual style of play, and one that is somewhat made redundant by the addition of the Evolutions tab in creature paddocks, but I like to get a level 40, 30, 20 and 10 of a creature if I can. It satisfies the collector in me while also helping to make sure my battle lineup doesn’t get too unbalanced. If a creature is used to make a hybrid, I get 2 level 40s so I still have one left once I’ve made the hybrid. Recently, I decided to calculate how long it would take me to hatch enough creatures to do this, and while I don’t have the results in front of me at the moment, it would take something like 4 years, with all 4 incubators running 100% of the time. If I were to burn through my reserve of +500,000 dinobucks, I could shorten this by about a year.

Consider adding more permanent incubators to the game? That would cut this value down by up to 20%. I know it’s been done with Creation Lab slots, if only on a temporary basis. Perhaps include 1 more incubator that’s permanently available to all players, and a sixth incubator that’s only available to players with memberships. It would be a significant incentive to active players to consider getting some form of membership. An alternative solution is to reduce hatch times.

  1. Offline/singleplayer mode. This one is the tallest ask of the 3 suggestions I’m making in this post. I got into Jurassic Park Builder in early 2020, and was sad to see it go before I could make much progress in the game. That made me painfully aware of the mortality of this game, and the fact that it will all go away some day as well.
    I would suggest that Ludia develop a version of the game that could be played locally, without reliance on external servers, and allowed players to port their parks from the current, online version of the game to the offline version. The game would be released when Ludia is ready to shut down the current JWTG servers, to allow longtime players a chance to keep going with the game. While I said I was a strictly F2P I would be willing to pay a 1 time reasonable fee, like purchasing a regular game (as opposed to a “freemium” mobile game model, which JWTG currently is). Considering that I think all the card packs on sale for real money should have the decimal move one spot to the left, I assume my idea of a reasonable fee might be lower than Ludia’s. Like I said, I’m aware this is my most unreasonable suggestion by far, and that the chances of anything even remotely similar to what I’m suggesting being implemented are slim to none, but it will make me very sad to see the game close its doors and I dare to hope Ludia provides us with some alternative when that happens.

Apologies if this post is too long, I have a propensity to ramble. Feedback is welcome.


Point 2 has a solution (sort of all ready) but you pay for it with the VIP membership, the instant hatchery. Once you unlock it you get one reduced cost instant hatch every 7 days and then another charge later on. The real bottle neck is DNA and not hatchery pods, if I could make 60,000 DNA as fast as I make 1,600 DB I would be set :wink:.

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That beautiful game :heart:

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Oh hey, it’s you! Back in like January '19 I put out a massive data dump on ferocity in the Facebook group, and when I was perusing the forums over the last few days I see you made a similar thread here in April '19. Funny that we made pretty similar analyses completely independently, but not too surprising. Your graphs are cleaner looking :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, I’ll definitely be lurking.