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Suggestions / ideas for future updates etc

Here are a few ideas / suggestions that would be cool to see in the game.
New brawl areas: The Hidden World, Dragon training academy, Shellfire shipwreck, Dragos Bewilderbeast ice flow, Purple Death island, Screaming Death caves, New Berk, Dragons Edge academy.
New brawl / champion dragons including Light Fury for VIPS only
Defend Berk: being able to fight Dragos battle dragons and Bewilderbeast.
Being able to equip titan skins on and off.
More dragons for Light Fury to search for.

I would like to see that maybe for Defend Berk when you get to Fleet 999, as many have, you then fight a Legendary Dragon (like the Bewilderbeast) and then it resets back to Fleet 1.

Get some nice rewards. Maybe a Gold Pack?

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