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  • In the user case where a user has little to no darts and are tapping on a dinosaur they are prompted to purchase more darts using money. After an action is tapped, an issue arises where I have to re-scan to find the dinosaur, and quickly if I’m in transport. before out of range.

Proposed Resolution

  • Once a user commits to an action to buy or decline it should go into the state of capturing the dinosaur automatically. Reason being that it was my initial intention and if I’m still within range, I should not have to tap again. There has been several times where I had to re-tap and not realize it for a second, only to be too late because of that or a missed tap.

Other things (most likely nitpicking / misconceptions):

  • Passenger algorithm is a little excessive and probably needs a good review.
  • Excessive limits on some item collections, i.e. scents.
  • Bugs like not max attempts not being calculated correctly. i.e. Blue in today’s event, I only attempted two or three times but it registered as 6/6 attempts.
  • iPhone XS screen problem - No need to say more.

Would be nice to see

  • Upgrade options on how many darts we can carry.
  • Other ways to gain experience.

Also the bug where, when you’re looking to see how much damage an attack would do to your opponent, it doesn’t take armour into account. >.<