I have played this game for quite some time now and felt that there are some much needed features that should be added to the game. It would be great if we received a response in some fashion if any of these ideas that many others have suggested will be implemented at some point. Some of the points that I bring up are still an issue from my original post months back and it boggles my mind how small ones are not fixed.


  • Allow players to reset stat boosts, either through a reset token obtained via payment, incubator item, etc. If not, consider stat boost resets on every major patch (ie: 1.7 > 1.8).
  • Allow players to setup two simultaneous teams; or allow players to create a team specific to tournament requirements that does not effect their ladder team. This provides less hassle switching back and forth when doing tournaments and ladder matches.


  • Alliance chat is still very bugged. It tends to jump around and more often than not, messages typed and sent do not appear. Players must restart or tab out/back into the game app in order to send messages in chat.
  • Ability to view how long members have been offline for (helps remove inactive members).
  • Ability to see how many donations each member has contributed/requested (to weed on free loaders that do not contribute to others).
  • Ability to have a rank system within the Alliance. Right now, you have the leader and then members. Maybe adding “Officers” with Alliance administration capability would be good
  • Some messages that does not violate the community guidelines are blocked. For instance, responding about how donation amounts are determined, I replied that “Probably based on player level.” and it was deemed against community guidelines.


  • Eliminate the speed boost. It’s simple as that.


  • Add a back button when viewing sanctuaries within an Alliance. Right now, players return to the map rather than the list of sanctuaries within their Alliance.


  • Far too often, the game will not allow you to tap/interact with anything and players must restart or tab out/back into the game app.


  • When you have reached max attempts on an event, those should no longer show up on the map.
  • When you have completed all battles from a strike event, those should no longer show up on the map (unless you failed and choose to pay for another attempt).
  • The two points above could have a toggle on/off switch.