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Suggestions? (Nublar Jungle)



2 weeks ago someone requested me to use a stegosaurid

so might consider tuojiango, also what to replace?


Any thing every thing

The more you play variety wise the more you learn how to counter others the more you level up the less your affected by needs and changes.

The more you level up (except dedicated breeders) the better position you are to take advantage of move changes im looking at you dracos


This is my old team when in nublar:

This was back in June/ July though, so there are new dinos and metas today. Still not a bad team I’d think.

I hear Miragaia is a monster in the lower arenas. Try leveling her up :slight_smile:

Blue and Eriklo would be good picks as well.


Oh, What do reipalcw rehwitht them wiht? Replace them with!