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Suggestions of New Skills!

Bite {Deal x1 Damage.Dot 2,5% of target’s max HP per turn for 1 turn}

Critical Strike {Deal x1 Damage with guaranteed critical hit}

Critical Rampage {Deal x2 Damage with guaranteed critical hit} {Cooldown:1} {Delay:1}

Cleansing Rampage {Deal x2 Damage.Cleanse Self} {Cooldown:1} {Delay:1}

Minimal Ferocious Strike {Deal x1 Damage and Increase Damage by 25% for the One Turn}

Ferocious Regeneration {Priority.Cleanse Self.Regenerate 25% and Increase 50% Damage for One Turn} {Cooldown:2}

Without Effects (Deal x1 Damage.Remove positive effects.Cleanse Self.1 turn)

Impact Without Effects {Deal x1 Damage.Remove Positive Effects.Cleanse Self.2 turns} {Cooldown: 1}

Rampage Without Effects {Deal x2 Damage.Remove Positive Effects.Cleanse Self.3 turns) {Cooldown: 2} {Delay:1}

And you?Did you like any of them?Have an idea of ​​a new skill ?Comment here!


Some of those are ok, but some would also break the game.

May as well have a ferocious-critical-cleansing-rampage + distraction if we are going that far.

Cleansing should be a rare ability. Rampage should come with the consequence of being powerful only.

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Isn’t Ferocious Regen just Adrenaline Surge? Or am I missing something?


Defense Shattering Devastation.


Vulnerability Rampage.

Deal 2x Damage, Target Is Vulnerable For 2 Turns. Delay 1 Cooldown 2.

Defensive Pounce

Deal 2x Damage, Shield 50% For 1 Turn. Distraction For 1 Turn. Cooldown 2

Finishing Blow

30% Chance To Instantly KO Opponent. Delay 1, Cooldown 4.

Acid Spit

Deal 1.5x Damage. Distraction 50% For 2 Turns, 10% DoT For 2 Turns. Cooldown 3.

Exposing Distraction.

Target Is Vulnerable For 3 Turns, Distraction 25% For 2 Turns. Delay 1, Cooldown 3.

IK some are op, and yea I know go for the kill is op…


Swap in definite devastation.


I second this skill.

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Adrenaline Pulse just heals you, no attack buffs are given.

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But I said adrenaline surge


Yeah I remember this move, after posti gained regeneration no creature in the game had it anymore. I don’t know why they didn’t let some of the crocs keep it.


I particularly like Defensive pounce and Acid spit. Defensive pounce seems perfect for a raptor and armored dino hybrid, and acid spit looks perfect for a dino like troodon or any that the franchise determined as venomous.


The last two on the list should be (because there has to be some outlandish ones to set the bar really high):

Complete Devastation-

Instant KO of entire opponents team, theft of 1000 HC from opponents account + 50000 coins from opponents account. Opponent cannot login for 4 days without making an offering of an additional 1000 HC + 50000 coins.

Run-tell-mommy Attack-

No damage is dealt. If the player that uses this attack wins the battle, they can take 1 dino of opponents team for keeps.



Some of my ideas:

-Gashing Rampage ( 2x damage. DoT .33 for 2 turns.) Cooldown: 2
-Medium Speedup Strike (1x damage. Increase speed by 20% for 3 turns.) Cooldown: 1
-Distracting Devastation (3x damage. Opponent -50% damage for 2 turns.) Cooldown: 2 Delay: 2
-Shielding Regeneration (Priority. Regenerate 50% hp, shield 50% for 1 turn.) Cooldown: 3
-Mutual Defense (50% shields: next turn for opponent and 3 turns for self.) Cooldown: 3
-Shielded Distracting Strike (1x damage. 50% shields for 1 turn. Opponent -50% damage for 1 turn.)
-Shielding Impact (1.5x damage. 50% shields for 2 turns.) Cooldown: 2
-Distraction And Run (1x damage. Opponent -50% damage for 2 turns. Automatic swap.) Cooldown: 2 Delay: 1
-Stunning Getaway (1x damage. 75% chance to stun. Automatic swap.) Cooldown: 3 Delay: 1
-Distracting Regeneration (Priority. Opponent -90% damage for 1 turn. Regenerate 50% hp.) Cooldown: 3
-Cleansing Counter (1x damage after getting attacked. Cleanse self.)
-Swap In Acute Stun (100% chance to stun after swapping in. Swap prevented for 2 turns.)
-Swap In Gashing Wound (.33 DoT for 2 turns after swapping in. Swap prevented for 3 turns.)
-Swap In Long Distraction (Opponent -50% for 2 turns after swapping in. Swap prevented for 2 turns.)


Ah sorry, I never heard of Adrenaline Surge, so I thought you meant Adreanline Pulse. I had to look it up since no creature actually has it.

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Very Good!This game needs more Creatures with Vulnerability!

“Dilophosaurus” need it!

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That would be pretty annoying when used!

Acid spit would be for Dilophosaurus, Dilophosaurus Gen2, Diloranosaurus, maybe tyrannopholosaur, diloracherius. Not Tenontorex tho.

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To me, what the game needs is not new moves but new classes. The speeder/chomper/tank thing is fine and all but would be much more challenging to add the lizard and spock to the rock/paper/scissors. Even the Cenozoics all fit into one of these three roles.

Break flyers into a new class, add aquatics and then make class advantage more of a thing. Give each class a specific set of moves that does well against two of the four other classes and THEN you’d have a game!

By the way Leon i really like your ideas too and i already start to think new dinos that could use them.

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