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Suggestions on Event Dragons


It seems that every main chacarter’a Dragon is gonna be an event Dragon. Although it is promised the events would cycle, it still seems that it is going to cost a long time as well as a lot of rune to get just one of them. Therefore, I want to propose some ways to make it more accessible. I believe these suggestions would not harm the revenue of the game when help expanding the player base

  1. Make one of the Event Dragon to cycle more often than other ( Maybe Toothless)
    I believe doing so can make just one Dragon more accessible and it will be the long time goal for new players. By more often I mean like 5days per 2 weeks something like that. It will still take them months to get the Dragon but they can see progress which make them feel like they are getting this popular Dragon.

  2. Gaining trust point outside of the Event with a large amount of fish and maybe at Maximum 2 points a day. As mentioned above, the feeling of progress is essential to keep players playing the game. This wouldn’t make getting a Dragon much more easier. Hence, it won’t really make less people pay for restart. Yet, it would give a chance for players to work on getting the Dragon they like with effort. Also, it would be a great way to reference the fantrise.

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This is a great idea, I couldn’t agree more. I think I said something like this where they should bring the Light Fury and Toothless back again before they start bringing even more event dragons in. If they don’t, there will be like 5 or 6 events before we ever see Light Fury again. (No one wants that do they?) The trust point thing outside of the event has been said before, but saying it again will just push the want for it from the community. Like you said, only 2 a day, or maybe 1 a day, but it would still make people feel that they are progressing.

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Maybe a daily login for trust points?


OMG @StormAstrid I was going to write a post about something like that, they should TOTALLY implement a Daily Login system like they have in ‘Rise of Berk’.

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I TOTALLY love that idea!! :heart_eyes: It’s great!!


The hardest part, I think, would be what to give away for which event dragons. There’s like, 7 more coming, right? But if they do weekly or monthly, like in March, earn trust points for Toothless. In April, earn points for Hookfang. May, Stormfly. And slowly increase the points by the day. Maybe? I’m not sure how’d it work, though.


THAT’S SUCH A GOOD IDEA AS WELL!!! Stop having such good ideas, I’m running out of them now :disappointed_relieved:

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I think “daily login” is definitely needed. They probably haven’t done it because the game is still in early stage of development and they don’t want to give too much to the players before more things are out