Suggestions on how to fix PvP

hi, Dev.

I think the biggest problem with PvP is that players of similar level are scattered.
Therefore, I think we should concentrate players of similar levels.

for example,

  1. Reset Brawl chest at 0:00 EDT.

  2. Divide a pool of PvP players into four groups :
    Group A : T5, T1, Arena4
    Group B : T4, Arena7, Arena3
    Group C : T3, Arena6, Arena2
    Group D : T2, Arena5, Arena1

  3. Each Group is allowed to play at a separate time :
    Group A : 00-01 04-05 08-09 12-13 16-17 20-21
    Group B : 01-02 05-06 09-10 13-14 17-18 21-22
    Group C : 02-03 06-07 10-11 14-15 18-19 22-23
    Group D : 03-04 07-08 11-12 15-16 19-20 23-24

  4. Limit the range of matching
    Do not match between different groups

translated by translator
sorry for my bad English :smiley:

Interesting suggestion. However, I am not sure any such schedule would suit the player’s personal schedules.

They could avoid almost all mismatch issues by implementing an asynchronous PvP similar to that used by most successful apps. I don’t know why the Ludians continue to insist on ‘reinventing the wheel’ particularly when their model does not roll.