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Suggestions on streamlining the upgrade interface

I sent this to support and they suggested mentioning it here…

I’m really enjoying the game but find the click/tap count in some scenarios is way too high and could be streamlined in the upgrade interface.

For example right now you have to tap the card, then tap upgrade/info to bring the actual upgrade screen for that item. Only then can you tap upgrade or equip. This can be streamlined by moving the upgrade overlay on the card to the top of the card. Then on the bottom of the card have an upgrade button with the amount the upgrade will cost, on the card itself. That way the player can see straight away, without going into it,what the cost us and can quickly tap upgrade to do it right from the card itself.

Also the popup upgrade/info screen should be modaless. Lots of times I want to compare abilitiess between cards and I have to tap 3 times to get to the next card to see it’s abilities. If the upgrade/info screen was modaless it could be open and I could then quickly tap between cards and the upgrade/info screen would dynamically update to reflect the selected card. Of course the upgrade/info screen would need to be scaled down slightly to allow this.

I used to be a PC app/game developer and back then we always tried to reduce the number of mouse clicks for players. I think the same philosophy holds true for mobile devices and taps😀. Less taps = a better user experience. Assuming of course you aren’t losing critical functionality.

Lastly in a real game of AD&D if player stats are low or awaiting cool-down, you wouldn’t go into a battle while waiting for your cleric’s healing ability to come back. You’d wait outside the room, the required turns until everyone had reasonable stats and are healed before entering another danger zone. This would then avoid the players “running away” and then re entering the dungeon. Alternatively reset all team stats in-between rooms and just make the monsters a little harder. This would avoid the leaving hack and keep player’s more immersed.

The devs are going great work. Kudos to everyone involved.l​:exclamation::exclamation: