Suggestions -(Tapejara,Another Battle Mode,Sinoceratops,etc.....)

  1. Introduce Tapejara in this game along with Achillobator
  2. Make Sinoceratops more common as it is very rare despite being a global spawn.
  3. Introduce a 3rd battle mode where we can choose our rewards from a small list consisting of coins,some specific amount of dna of any creature(common to epic) from the list and adjust the difficulty based on rewards chosen and you can set a limit for the number of battles of that sort.
  4. Allow us to purchase Sanctuary Resources like food,play,interact (say 1 for 1000 coins or so)
  5. Let us get the same number of dna even if we repetitively do the same caring action(if I have gotten 11 dna for feeding a creature,and if I feed it again,i get 6 dna or so,changing that to keeping the amount constant so i can get 11 both the times or so),this let’s us stack sanctuary resources and use them once to get loads of dna in a go when needed.
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Tapejara heck yeah, then we can have tapejalosaurus, then tapejalocephalus


Hmm, do you like crested pterosaurs so much?

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Yeah! What do you think of my idea of the 3rd battle mode?

I got Blue finally. Thanks for the help.

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