Suggestions to fix matchmaking?

These images are all from my time playing this game. The earliest is from like September 2019 and the most recent is from this past week. Just to show how bad matchmaking is.
Send in your worst matchmaking screenshots. Also give some suggestions on how to make matchmaking better!

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These screenshots are all from my Instagram

Yawn. only the level 30 thor intermediates me out of these pics.

14 vs 17 isn’t that bad. But if your team is all 23 versus a level 30 team, that’s messed up.

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I’m only level 13 and I have to deal with this.

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Sadly I forgot to screenshot parts from the actual battle

Doubt, they can do much about matchmaking. Its actually not a matchmaking problem. System checks for available players near your trophy score, then moving slowly farther to find one player. If there is no player to be match with, you can play with bot.

Thinks that many players forget:

  • There is limited number of players from Aviary up.
  • There are different timezones. Sometimes only only one part of the world is active.
  • Weekends are reserved for tournaments. So again less players in arena. Sometimes I’m playing mostly against bots on weekends and I’m in Library.

They can make some changes, but there is no perfect matchmaking. Only increase of players in arenas from Aviary up, would improve matchmaking in current system.

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I’ll just reiterate my earlier suggestion towards ‘fixing’ matchmaking. Break pvp into leagues (kinda like we have now), but allow player to participate in any lower league. Also each league should have max lvl of dinosaurs allowed. If you try to participate in lower leagues with high lvl dinos, your dinos would get their lvls lowered to maximum allowed lvl and get their boosts removed (so game kinda could push boosters towards higher leagues).
Rewards system is a separate topic, needs changing, but off topic here.

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The only way to “fix” matchmaking (to some degree) would be for the system to pick your team, THEN search for a team roughly around the same power.

But then you have the issue of higher leveled teams potentially being at a lower trophy count to weaker leveled players.

Lots of valid points tbh

Kinda complicated but I like the idea

We already had that and arena was a mess.

I don’t remember it specifically choosing the team first though. As I recall, they just bundled your entire team strength together instead of the chosen four.

lol im not the peasant. imagine pointing out someones spelling on a forums.

Thats right. Though doubt counting only chosen four would change much, maybe around 30% of all battles.

Half of your screenshots might have a lower level dino but the opponent has a lower rarity. The other has Procerat. Also is your team boosted?

lol im in Killer Raptors.I ain’t no peasant.

Ok? I hope that makes you feel better about yourself. I’ve never heard of them so nice try I guess.

One other suggestion Ludia that’s not really affiliated with matchmaking. My indominus rex’s cloak failed 4 times in a row while an opponent I was facing had their attack go through my cloak and do critical (which was 5%). My cloak has failed multiple times in the move ridiculous situations while creatures i battle with that have 20% critical chances seem to always critical hit at the right time. This seems unreasonable to me and I’m not sure if you can do anything to fix it but if you can the please do fix it

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That’s just the way the dice fall unfortunately. Happens all the time. I lost 5 in a row this morning. You win some and you lose some.