Suggestions to improve the tournament and the happiness of the players

Suggestions to improve the tournament system.

My topic is dedicated to suggestions to improve the tournament system and make everyone happier. Since rather than being a diversion, it is an obligation to do the tournament in the clan, my suggestion is dedicated above all to other ways to get tournament points, including a coin coin (gladiator or honor points).
Some of us get overwhelmed seeing the same team in rival tournaments with the same team losing tournament points and having to invest 30 minutes to be able to recover the points you had.
My suggestion would be to get gladiator points by changing the new currency used for the battle pass (data). exchange it for battle points. when the battle pass is completed the new currency is useless, I don’t know if ludia plans to level up the pass but at the moment in less than 20 days the pass is completed and this currency is left over can be used to exchange for gladiator points .
Another way to get gladiator points would be by entering the game for a daily reward, it is no use being given darts, changing this dart reward for some gladiator points.

Another way to get a few gladiator points would be by doing raids the reward would be once per raid difficulty.

Of course, this would be putting a limit per player on the amount of gladiator points that he can have in his account.

Another way would be to obtain these gladiator points in the monthly mission, we already know that we do not like the current missions, but a type of mission where we must help 3 companions in the raid per month would be very simple and we can obtain these gladiator points.

Another way to get these gladiator points for victory and also reward the loser with some points by playing player against player by setting a point limit for victories.

Another way to get some gladiator points would be by making donations to your clanmates.

It even puts in a new type of event store where you can redeem these prehistoric gladiator points for exclusive dinosaur skins, tournament points for the monthly incubator, avatars, titles, emotes,

It is not the same as the battle pass since with the gladiator points that I have I have the freedom to exchange them in what I like.

design of the coin to your freedom but that differs from the color of the common gold coins of the game