Suggestions to JW live


Hello Dears

Well, I’m a new player and I’m enjoying the game but To be honest, this game must gain more emotions. Why?

Just for add detailed things as follow…
Firstly- you guys know that we had animals from land, air and water. How we could have these animals in the game and have a fight? Easily, btw 4 cards 1 animal must be water as well 1 from air, then if the player swap, he can just use 1 card for water as well for air. Should be interesting as there are a bunch of species in such situations. Second- the darts, please add new darts for we get more points, this should be important. third we could have a way to improve the drone flight as well to target better with more accuracy, this is kind of interesting too, we upgrade the drone and darts and forth- please folks add more epic animals in parks. There are a lot of parks in this world and huge ones. I went one during the night and no dinosaurs I could have spotted. seriously? In this game unprobably regions should have more epic or legendary animals to be spotted as there are just few people that go in such places. I’m talking about it because in Pokémon Go we can get rare animals in isolated areas.The possibility to be there is 30%. Well these are my ideas and I hope be useful.