Suggestions to make this game less grindy

  1. Stop with the huge number of battles required for alliance missions.

No one is going to battle in arena 100 times a day. At least most players wont with how bad arena is.

  1. Flip the takedowns and battle numbers for defens tier 4 and tier 5. E.g. 2k takedowns and 1k battles instead of 2k battles and 1k takedowns.

It makes the game more fun and less of a drag.

  1. Give rewards for doing friendlies. 100 coins, sanc items, scents, etc…

E.g. do 1 friendly get 100 coins, 10 friendlies 1000 coins, 20 friendlies 1 common scent, etc… Capped at 50 friendlies for 10 HC

  1. Put in a Multi-fuse button.

Limit to 10 fuses per time and maybe 100 fuses in total per day.

  1. Change alliance rewards to Something thematic.

E.g. Exploration: Speed Theme as you need speed to Explore.
Defense: Attack Theme as Attack is best form of defense


Decent spawns that aren’t the Dino’s they’re feeding to us would be nice as well. Before they started doing Dino’s of the week and worse, Dino’s of the day, you used to be able to go out and hunt and get some good epics. Now you get less and what you do get is mostly from those two ‘events’.

Yes to all of that please.