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Suggestions :)

Hi, I have some suggestions for the app after playing it pretty hardcore over the last few days and enjoying every minute of it!

Decrease the cost of photos - 300 is pretty high. Maybe 200?

Increase daily gem rewards and provide a way to watch more videos for gems

Provide a way to log in to save your data. I’ve already spent about $70 USD over the last 3 days or so on this game so I’d like to be able to save my purchases and progress.

Provide a way to save the dates so we can rewatch them later.

Provide a way to reset a character to start over with them but keep all the purchases you’ve already made with them.

Provide a way to customize our avatar - maybe let us pick from a few preset main characters that have several selfies available for us to buy and send to our matches.

Let us be able to text our matches whenever we want, even if it’s to only get a quick, standard reply like “I’m at work, I’ll text you later” type of response.

I know you all are just getting started but please update the character storylines regularly and roll out new characters to match with often also. We are all HOOKED on this game right now and want to keep the momentum going. (By the way, I’m a writer and would LOVE to help :wink:)

Thanks so much for an awesome game!! You’ve made me fall in love with Noah, Jonathan, Adam, and Damien in about 3 days! Looking forward to updates to the game content!


I agree with all of these points! Well said!

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I am a writer too, and would be willing to help out with writing new storylines, if the developers are listening…

I agree with you about saving the progress. I’ve spent like, over 200 AUD on this game, but with the recent update, lost all of my purchased gems, and I’m trying to get them back, but it’s taking a really long time. I haven’t heard anything back in a while. Being able to save my progress would have prevented that, and I would be breezing through the matches that I have, rather than waiting for gems to come around every six hours.

I think if they halved the time it took for new gems, it would make the experience a bit better. Waiting a whole six hours is a lot, although it does set up a good indicator for how long an in-game ‘day’ is.

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yes!! im on board with this!! but i do think the original 180 was reasonable enough. i would love to save my game data through my fb account. i do agree with u on increasing the amount of daily gems and free gems when watching ads. i also agree with customizing our character!

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I’m a writer too! Well more a serial plotter than a writer and I would LOVE to help write

I agree with a your points, I’d like to rewatch the dates cause I literally speed through some of them the first time :sob: I’ve also spent a bit on the game but would love to reset and try all the options a match has without losing purchases etc.

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