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Just got my first max tournament creature so pretty hyped about that.

Just thought I’d ask the forum on recommendations on which one I should work on next. (I put on the ones I had unlocked for perspective) also I mean feel free suggest other things too I also didn’t include my cenozic collection.

Since you have a max carnivore, i’d say Acanthostega. Or maybe Gorgosaurus if you don’t have Gorgosuchus unlocked. If you care about coolness factor (like me), Lythronax looks amazing at 40, though it is kind of a glass cannon and another carnivore.
Just some toughts, i’m kind of a newbie myself to be honest.


I got gorgasuchis from the tournament so I may max my gorosurus to kinda get that out of the way maybe, I should also mention right now I kinda have more amphibians then anything else so kinda reluctant to getting more for now ( I know I butchered spelling names lol)

Use @Sionsith’s ferocity formula to figure out which one is the next step down from the Megalosaurus and level up that girl.

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Id go for an aquatic

I just unlocked mosasaurus but Ive already got edestus unlocked and at level 20 so that will be quicker and im nowhere near ready for a hybrid. Also depends if you’ve got other creatures to equal it and balance your line up or if it will increase your battle difficulty

For jurassic, a pterosaur if you have option. There’s lots of carnis and you’ve got the amphibians. Deinocheirus is a bit of an unbalanced fighter and I find gets battered by the other similar level creatures as carnivores are plentiful around there

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